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Top Four Ways to Unwind

Everyone deserves to spoil themselves every once in a while. A much needed day of pampering will refresh even the most burnt-out people. The best part about self-care days is that there is no shortage of ways to treat yourself! There’s something for everyone to do on their day of fun that will leave them feeling relaxed and recharged. Here are a few ways to treat yourself as you unwind during your day of pampering:


Feeling stressed? Well, stressed spelled backward is desserts! Baking cookies or a batch of brownies is a great way to unwind. Focusing on measuring out everything and waiting patiently for the goods to bake is a form of meditation in its own right. Plus, you get cookies at the end of it all. Or brownies. Or both. Whichever treat you decide to create, baking lets you unwind while still expressing your creativity. The best part of pampering yourself this way is that you get to see that you can spoil yourself without dropping a ton of cash or going on a lavish vacation.

Read a book.

Curling up with a good book is a chance to escape to another world, if only for a little while. Books are wonderful, inexpensive ways to learn more about the world around you while never having to leave the couch. Almost everyone has at least one book collecting dust on their shelf, and there’s no better time than the present to pick it up. There’s no feeling like picking up a book early on in the day only to put it down and realize that the sun has already set. A book can help clear out intrusive thoughts and distract you from the busy world around you. You might even learn a thing or two!

Clean and/or reorganize your room.

This one sounds pretty weird at first. Not a lot of people turn to clean as their first choice when they’re having a self-care today. But, there’s something relaxing about a completely revamped room. Not only are you cleaning up, but you’re also creating a space that’s warm and inviting. Reorganizing your room also helps the creative juices flow so that when you need to start working again, you’re ready to go.

Get a new hairdo.

A new hairstyle can take anyone from drab to fab. Cynthia Mora at Therapy Hair Studio knows this. A fresh cut or change in hair color is a way to keep up with the trends and feel pampered at the same time. Sit down with a glass of champagne or tea, and let the experts work their magic. Having your scalp massaged while hair stylists work on transforming your look is a feeling like no other. Luxury hair salons are an indulgent way to show your body some well-deserved love. When you walk out of the salon, you’re bound to feel a little bounce in your step as you turn heads. And trust me, you’ll look as good as you feel.

The Right Diet for a Good Night’s Sleep

When you tell someone that you didn’t sleep well the night before, many will respond by asking what you ate. There are old myths about how your diet before bed can lead to certain kinds of dreams or certain kinds of sleep that go back thousands of years. For all the dismissiveness of some ancient wisdom, it does appear that there’s some truth behind this connection between what you eat and how you sleep.

Thanks to the advice at Silent Night Therapy, we’ve assembled some recommendations to make sure you catch up on all those z’s you’ve been missing out on lately.

To begin with, it appears you have to hit that sweet spot in your eating schedule in relation to your sleep. It’s best not to eat the last two to four hours before sleep, but you also have to avoid being hungry. This can lead to some challenges, which are best surmounted by eating healthy snack options. Silent Night recommends:

  • Greek yogurt
  • Peanut butter open-faced sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Bananas
  • Turkey

All of those are pretty healthy. They aren’t too high on the simple sugars and they can feel substantial in your stomach, allowing you to avoid eating too much and having some trouble falling asleep.

Just as important as what you should eat is what you shouldn’t. Once again, Silent Night is on the case for us. They say to avoid:

  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate

Really, when you get down to it, you could simply say: don’t eat junk food and don’t drink. Pizza and burgers are heavy and hard to digest; chocolate (particularly dark chocolate) can be great at the right time and in the proportion, but the caffeine in chocolate isn’t going to do you any favors at bedtime.

Alcohol is the most surprising item on that list, particularly since it is often associated with helping individuals fall asleep. However, alcohol apparently actually makes it harder to fall asleep, and it keeps you from sleeping deeply once you do fall asleep. Drinking before bed may therefore make you feel more tired than you otherwise would in the morning.

Looking at the lists above, you can see how a little bit of focus on healthier, filling options and avoiding unhealthy options can make all the difference. This isn’t really surprising. As with the rest of your day, eating right helps you stay healthy and it helps your body work correctly.

So, next time you are feeling a bit hungry before heading off to count sheep, be sure to steer clear of the heavy leftovers with heavy fats, the chocolate bar, and the wine and spirits. Instead, go for the sort of food you already know work better for your body anyway. Enjoy a cup of yogurt, eat a banana, and then head off to get all of your 40 winks.

Types of Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a claylike rock that formed from volcanic ash spewed into ancient lakes or seas. After filtering through the waters, it gathered up a number of pure minerals that created a layer of exceptionally-mineral rich clay that settled on the ancient seabed. Bentonite clay is just one among the 7 types of clay that can form from volcanic ash, and this type of clay possess microscopic layers that enables absorption and adsorption abilities. This makes bentonite clay a good alternative for detoxifying.

It is important to know, however, that there are two types of bentonite clay: the swelling bentonite or sodium bentonite clay and the southern or calcium bentonite clay. Both of these contain montmorillonite, the major component that gives it its clay-like nature. One type of bentonite clay is safe for consumption, while the other is mainly marketed for commercial use. In an article discussing different types of clay, states that it “is highly absorbent, and is able to hold several hundred times its weight in water. This quality makes bentonite clay suitable as a liner for artificial ponds and koi ponds.”

Sodium bentonite has strong absorbency and propensity to clumping, which leads to it being used as sealants, liner for toxic waste lagoons and deserted oil and water wells. It is also used in drilling, clumping and bonding agents for cosmetics, cat litter, and medicines. Studies are being done to see the possibility of sodium bentonite to absorb and remove E. coli from affected food.

Calcium bentonite is the one that is generally used for consumption. Referred to as “living clay”, it has been used by various cultures for its health benefits for thousands of years. Beliefs of ingesting the calcium bentonite clay have been shown to help detoxify and cleanse the body of unwanted toxins, and helps improve the immune system to fight off infections and possible illnesses. According to Earth’s Natural Clay, using bentonite healing clay either externally or internally helps balance the ph level of the body through ion exchange.

The antibacterial properties of bentonite healing clay has lead many researchers and scientists to determine whether it can be used effectively to combat pathogens and other harmful bacteria that can possibly lead to serious health conditions and complications. Nevertheless, it is still vital to first consult your doctor regarding healing clays before using them to ensure that you will not be put at risk and to understand which healing clay would give you the best health benefits.